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We are a group of people who live in Tenerife and we write in this blog.

I went to Gran Canaria for my holidays at the start of 2007 with my husband. We stayed in the Puerto Azul apartments in Puerto Rico. When we first arrived it was the middle of the night and the drive up to the apartments was horrible. Puerto Rico is built into the side of a hill and our apartments were at the very top. I was beginning to think I had made a big mistake.

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In the morning I began to feel a bit better as the view was stunning. The apartments were lovely, really big, clean and well equipped. We got to grips with the area really quickly and started the 20 minute walk down the hill (what a killer).

The resort was very busy, packed with loads of different restaurants and numerous shops – everything you need for a great holiday. The beach had very dark sand and was very coarse, but I’d already been warned of this by friends who had been to Gran Canaria before, so it was no surprise.

We only did one excursion – the jeep safari which was great fun – trucks driven by hot men along with great food and drink for lunch – what more can you want? We did go to some of the other resorts during the holiday – Maspalomas with its coffee shops and beautiful beach is well worth a visit.

Overall, Gran Canaria was a wonderful place to visit with loads to do and a resort to suit everyone.